Nene Whitewater Centre


Nene is a man made pumped whitewater course on the outskirts of Northampton and is the perfect venue for those seeking small whitewater in a safe, clean(?) environment. For the hardened play boaters Nene is woefully small with only one feature worthy of attention, still, that said, in the heat of summer it can be worth stretching those muscles and blowing off some cobwebs!

Neene or Nen? The locals call it the "Nen Whitewate Centre", everyone else seems to call it the "Neene Whitewater Centre". Both 'appears' to be acceptable!

How to Get There

I won't give comprehensive instructions of how to get to Nene as these can be found on the Nene website ( All I'll add is; after Junction 15 on the M1, head towards Northampton and look for signs with a little man paddling his kayak; they're very scarce but do point in the right direction. When you get to the Whitewater Centre turn there's no right turn so you'll need to drive straight past, round the roundabout and back on yourself!

Special Notes

I and others have been caught out by this! It is very important to phone the day you intend to visit the centre to confirm that they are open and the times that they are open. They have been known to close the course at short notice (don't rely on their website), so it's good to find this out before you travel there!

Surfing a small wave at the Nene
Okay, so it's me playing on a small wave at the Nene in the summer!
Ejected from the first drop!
Here's the Mrs being ejected from the wave at the first drop (from the pump pool).