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Yogurt Pots


The 3 most popular trails on Holmbury Hill are Yogurt Pots, Barry Knows Best and Telegraph Rd, each have their own personalities so I struggle when asked which is my preferred. I guess I would say all of them depending on which mood I'm in!

Yogurt Pots
Yogurt Pots is a must ride single track a short distance from the summit of Holmbury Hill and links nicely into Telegraph Rd.
26 Jul 2017

Yogurt Pots is within easy reach of the Holmbury Hill summit; and I would recommend to anyone that hasn’t been there before to first visit the summit as the views are glorious on a good visibility day. In fact, from the summit the towers of central London can be viewed between the North Downs and to the South, the vast proportion of the South Downs can be viewed. In between, flights coming and going from Gatwick Airport can also be spotted.

There are plenty of areas for parking; my preferred is the Hurtwood Control Car Park 1 as the summit of Holmbury Hill is only a short climb from here, but if you link Yogurt Ports to Telegraph Rd, as most do, then there's quite a climb back at the end. There are plenty of other car parks in the area, but they can become very busy, especially during summer weekends!

The start of Yogurt Pots is very easy to find. From the Holmbury Hill summit, head due north along the track that enters the wood. After approximately 100 metres is the start of Yogurt Pots on the right; there are some logs laid on the ground – it's very hard to miss as the trail on the ground leads straight into it – a testament to how popular this is with Mountain Bikers.

The trail begins as a set of sweeping bends as is drops down the side of the hill with a foliage and tree canopy that adds to the atmosphere of riding this section of the trail. It's pretty easy to gain speed on this section to the point that it's difficult to stop if something is blocking your route as you wind around the bends! After periods of rain parts of this can get pretty gooey!

After the sweeping bends and a very short climb you enter the real substance of Yogurt Pots which I can best describe as a series of twisty ups and downs through what can best be described as smoothed craters. As you become more familiar with this section, it’s easy to accelerate through it. There's at least one alternative route that can be taken ¾ the way down the track which will drop you into an additional hole before re-joining the made run – the trail into this is easily missed when travelling at speed and when the ferns are fully established, but worth a little detour.

After periods of rain, parts of this trail do flood and become bogged down in mud; when this happens, Barry Knows Best is my preferred choice. There is also one particular section that has exposed roots, so when wet, ride with care!

Eventually, after some final switchbacks, the trail emerges onto one of the main trails through Holmbury Hill – I would typically recommend at least 2 more runs through Yogurt Pots before heading off elsewhere. To return to Yogurt Pots, head back up the hill on the main track then left again until the start of Yogurt Pots can be found on your left! If however, you want to continue the momentum and adrenalin, then Telegraph Rd is the next trail on your destination. This is a short transition by turning right on the main trail after exiting Yogurt Pots!

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