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The third generation of my composing came when I purchased a midi keyboard (A Yamaha PSR-3000) and invested in some semi-professional software; Cakewalk Producer and Cakewalk Project5. My personal preference was for Project5 but unfortunately Cakewalk ceased development of this to focus on Producer. Still, years later, I've managed to keep it going (even after upgrading to Windows 10!) and in 2016 I finally got my creative juices flowing once again and resumed my composing. This is my collection of tracks from my third generation of digital music composition.

The Restless Sea

This piece was originally composed for a GCSE music examination in 1990. The original piece comprised of four analogue audio tracks recorded onto magnetic tape. Each instrument (the music department's electronic piano and a synthesiser) was manually played (no MIDI sequencing) and recorded directly to tape. Unfortunately the original tapes have since been lost but apparently copies were still being played to GCSE students some 11 years after! In early 2017, with the use of Cakewalk's Project 5 and most notably the Omnisphere 2 VST synthesiser, this piece was re-produced with a slightly different melody to the original along with some synthesised wave sounds to reflect the title of this track, "The Restless Sea".

Playing Time : 00:04:37
Published : Sunday 12 Feb 2017

Oriental Dream

This piece was arranged using Cakewalk's Project5 Version 2. Key VST instruments used Dimension and Omnisphere 2. This piece was originally composed over 20 years ago; spending all that time rattling about in my head. The background sound through this piece, which gives the track a little more depth (in my opinion) was ripped from YouTube and features sounds from a Rain Forest.

Playing Time : 00:03:28
Published : Thursday 3 Nov 2016
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