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Welcome to my virtual BHPA Log Book. Use the navigation bottons at the bottom to page back and forth through the log book. To see a detailed account of an entry including tracklogs, photographs and videos (where available), click the respective entry.

301 H 7 Feb 2018 / 08:30 U2 160 Famara - Lanzarote NW; 20 mph increasing. Low clouds, crashed on bottom landing when a left turn developed that I couldn't recover from as landed with full VG on! 01:09 2335 ft 13.5 km
302 H 5 Sep 2018 / 15:00 U2 160 Firle N; 10-15mph descreasing; overcast with some moisture in the air. 00:04
303 H 7 Oct 2018 / 10:47 U2 160 Firle N; 10-15 mph decreasing. Paragliders had started taking off so I ceased the opportunity and launched. Decided to bottom land at Bo Peep when I saw the ridge full of paragliders when I turned back. 00:22 250 ft 3.5 km
0:00 3000 ft 13.5 km
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