The Site Guide contains information relating to hang gliding sites recorded in my personal database. Some sites are current and others historical. Predominately the sites are located in the in the UK, but where I've flown overseas, there will be reference to those sites here too.

I have tried my best to ensure accuracy, but I'm only human so mistakes are likely. The Guide does not indicate a right to fly a site and all pilots should seek permission through the site's respective club. The information is provided in good faith - use it as you will!

TomTom Support

If you use a TomTom navigator, there is the option to download the complete guide as a OV2 file (Points of Information) - this will also provide additional information including landing options, parking and alternative takeoffs for each respective site.

To download the OV2 : Download TomTom OV2 File (POI).

Site Guide Map

The map below shows the location of all the main sites. For more information, click the respective flag or scroll to the site summary below.

Sites Summary

Below are a list of all the main sites in the guide. The wind-rose shows the ideal wind direction the specific site will take. Segments in the wind-rose that are lighter coloured indicate a wind direction that the site can be flown in, but is probably not ideal (i.e. fly it in this direction at your own risk!).

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